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Heavenly Tans Pricelist

Say GOODBYE to chills and HELLO to a warm and luxurious airbrush tanning experience.

(Subject to Change with Travel and Distance)

Choose from the following fragrances –

Coconut Lime / Tea Tree / Desert Bloom

Individual Tans $65.00 each Only $55.00 if client comes to Heavenly Airbrush Tans (Please call for locations in NY, NJ, Pa. & De.)

Color- Balancer Conditioning – $5.00 (for clients who want a longer-lasting. flawless tan. Pre- is helpful to those that have uneven,or patchy skin due to dullness and dryness).
Post Sunless Color Lock – $5.00 (for clients who like to keep their looking radiant, even days after their session. also perfect for clients who have dry skin or use UV tanning, as post will help keep skin soft and moisturized).
Special Price for all 3 Conditioning, Tan and Color Lock $72.00
Accelerator $10.00 can shower after 4 hours
Heavenly Tans Group Rates
3-5 people $60.00 each
6-10 people 55.00 each
10 or more 50.00 each